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Enabling transformational growth through targeted acquisition

We are the specialists in providing clients with transformational growth opportunities within the global insurance and reinsurance markets. Giving unparalleled access to potential new revenue streams, we support you in the execution of your strategic development plans.

We have been involved in some of the most high-profile market moves of recent years, and have a proven track record of delivering solutions discreetly and efficiently by way of: 

The introduction of high-performing producers and business leaders

The transitioning of market-leading specialty teams and business units

The origination of M&A opportunities across niche and specialty lines



In a world where capital is available to all, claims are outsourced and IT systems interchangeable, the key to growth is offering something different. Make talent your differentiator and your people become your assets.

Our research led methodology and unparalleled market interaction enable us to give incisive, exclusive access to the leading production-focused talent across the sector.


Even the best individual talent can only effect a finite amount of new client opportunities. Acquiring a “group of individuals” can deliver transformative growth and should be considered as a more surgical approach to your M&A activity.

We have proven experience of delivering legally complex group opportunities, and have successfully transitioned numerous teams and business units with no legal recourse.


In an environment where technology is driving change at an unprecedented rate, business leaders have a rapidly diminishing window of opportunity to innovate and transform. When considering whether to build or buy, understand that acquisition can be the most effective way to achieve this evolution.

Our network is extensive and our deal origination ability unrivalled in this space, make us a key part of your M&A strategy.